EMF Protection

390ffbdc590c5e932ab0b7416f5ae100You are a Spiritual Being. Every thought, word, deed emits a certain Frequency. Either good or bad. So do you suppose we can be affected by the Frequencies around us?


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Many have heard of the amazing experiments in water done by Dr Emoto . How Water Molecules actually respond to your voice or even a message written on a glass of water. Remember, you are mostly water.


If even a thought or a word can affect water/you, what do you suppose EMF’s and Microwaves can do?


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Did you know you can capture your bodies energy field with special Photography equipment?


The Photo on the left she is holding a Cell Phone. The Photo on the right is her normal Aura.


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What if we could see the Electric Smog that is constantly all around us? If we could see it or smell it, we’d probably be alarmed. But like Carbon Manoxide, it’s invisible.






We are surrounded.



And then we multiply the problem by putting a Microwave Transmitter (Cell, Smart Phone) right next to our head!mobilephoneradiation




Everybody has a cell phone/smart phone these days, but few know the risks. This is because the Cell Phone Industry has covered up the dangers.


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Cell Phones are the new


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Cigarettes/Asbestos. Both of those were widely accepted until public knowledge grew to the point that something was done. Lawsuits are slowly starting. France just passed a law to limit cell phone use by chidren. Public awareness is growing.



San Fran poster

San Francisco has actually begun putting up Public Awareness posters. Most everyone by now has heard something about Cell Phone Radiation dangers.

Parents are going to be horrified when they discover the damage being done to their children.tumor_dees Children are more at risk than adults because their skulls are not fully developed and are softer. This allows more radiation to penetrate. There are a few advantages to being hard headed. Studies have already been done. There is going to be an avalanche of Brain Tumors in the next few years as the Guinea Pig generation ages. illst-radiation-absorbtionParents really need to limit the amount of time their children spend on a Cell Phone. At night everybody should turn it off and keep it at least 6 ft away from bed.

So do you suppose that even after learning all the risks, people are going to be willing to live without their Cell/Smart Phones?cell phone radiation exposure No way! Most people can’t live without them. They are willing to take any risk. Dangers are ‘out of sight, out of mind’. So what is the next best alternative? Protect yourself.cell-phone-survival-funny-cell-phone-pictures

We are being exposed to 100 million times higher level of electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents. According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), in the last 20 years, physicians began seeing patients reported that electric power lines, televisions and other tree (R)deeselectric devices caused a wide variety of symptoms.  By mid 1990’s, it became clear that patients were adversely affected by electromagnetic fields and becoming more electrically sensitive. With the advent of wireless devices, there has been a massive increase of radio-frequency (RF) exposure from wireless devices as well as reports of hyper sensivity and diseases related to electromagnetic fields and RF exposure.



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This increased overexposure to EMF has been creating imbalances in the body. In fact, medical science documents that 9 of the top 10diseases killing Americans can be linked to EMF radiation. Millions of people around the world are now suffering from hypersensitivity to EMF radiation.  d2c0969ad7dfd6276e57da98bfd950a6The sources of EMF exposure are many such as cell phones, laptops, computers, gaming equipment, and electrical wall currents in the homes and places of work. Let’s just say that ALL electrical and wireless devices are potential TASER guns and assault the body.

111breastcancerand cellphones



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So what is the answer to living in a Hostile High Tech World? More High Tech of course. Giving our bodies what it needs to combat  the Negative Assault of Waves with Positive Frequencies that will Balance Out the bad. There are many products out there, but be wary of anything that claims to BLOCK EMF’s. This is near impossible. The best solution is to protect your BODY. There is no way you will ever block all the multiple sources of EMF’s. And how many offer you the ability to sell their product by giving you a great website? All for telling people about important facts they need to know.  This is exciting stuff. It’s hard NOT to tell people.


From Body Align:

How Holographic Technology Works:

“Imagine being able to instruct your body’s cells to perform specific tasks by sending a signal that activates acupuncture points and meridians.

Body Aligns breakthrough technology does just that and a whole lot more.

sfhtrtThe products from Body Align combine the proven effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, with advanced holographic technology to produce a revolutionary delivery system to influence the body for optimum health.

Research shows that our formulated holograms activate acupuncture meridians in the body by creating a thermal temperature change — think acupuncture without needles.
Mix-and-match-140x135We signal the body thermally without needles, drugs, chemicals, herbs, or physical devices. The easy to use peel-and-stick holographic discs are always convenient.
Body Align is the world leader in communicating with the body using holographic technology.

We are the original creators of this cutting-edge innovation and continue to dominate the industry in research.


The holographic discs from Body Align use acupuncture point placement as a vehicle to activate the body’s meridians and bio field (energy field), to create the desired effect: weight loss, more energy, restful sleep, or pain relief.


. Traditional Needle

Much like an acupuncture needle, the holograms create a thermal temperature differential. This heat transfer results in a cooling of the acupuncture point or meridian under the hologram.

The higher temperature from the body in relationship to the lower temperature of the air (or silicon when using the Body Align performance band) creates an energetic effect over the acupuncture point known in physics as Thermal Transduction. This activates the acupuncture point — think acupuncture without needles.

11908471-led-light-therapy-lft9000-body-points-pain-reliefBillions of people use, Acupuncture, a branch of Chinese Medicine. It is one of the oldest continuously practiced and documented forms of medicine in the world.

  • Acupuncture is based on the theory that what hap-pens in one part of the body is reflected in the rest of the body – that everything is interconnected.
  • It aims to restore and maintain health through the activation of specific points on the body.



Holograms have multiple applications, from providing authentication tags to preventing counterfeiting. They can be found everywhere on credit cards, driver’s license, passports and banknotes.
In addition to commercial applications, scientist are finding advanced application in energetic, and biochemical storage and retrieval.
Energy-HealingKnown as smart holograms, they respond to physical, chemical and biological stimuli.

  • Holograms contain all the information needed to reconstruct a whole image.
  • They contain many dimensions of information in far less space, like a compressed file. In the future they will revolutionize storage capacities.
  • They hold information in a subtle network of interacting signals.

This material is then charged with energetic electromagnetic longitudinal waves (scalar waves) that your body can assimilate.

thBody Align is the only company to first use Scalar Wave Technology in programming their holograms. Scalar Waves are longitudinal waves that carry both information and energy in the same wave form.
German physicist Dr. Konstantin Meyl, known as the foremost authority on scalar technology, has been instrumental in helping 8ight develop the signaling processes used to program our holographic discs.

How Does Cellular DNA Communicate Holographically

Ground breaking research out of the Moscow Institute of Control Science shows that the DNA in each of our cells carries complex information on the whole body.


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Drill down further from DNA and atomic structure to the subatomic realm of quantum physics.

It is at this level that some physicists strongly suggest that the nature of reality is analogous to that of a holographic projection. Scientist propose that DNA functions in a way that correlates with holographic projection. DNA projects a blueprint for the organism that is translated from the electrodynamic to the molecular level and functions as a bio-computer. This DNA-wave bio-computer reads and writes genetic code and forms holographic pre images of bio structures.

body of lightFurthermore, recent presentations at the 2nd DNA World Congress (WDD-2011) in Dalian, China demonstrated the physics behind the cellular communication of the body, resonance of DNA and that of colloidal water which can be signaled using scalar longitudinal waves.

The Body Align system uses longitudinal scalar waves in communicating holographically with the body.”

Here is a video demonstrating how the Holographic technology impacts Blood Cells on a slide under a microscope. The Lab Technician states that in 15 years of Blood work she has never seen anything like the improved function of the blood cells when a Hologram is placed next to them.

Always remember you are mostly water. You are what you eat & drink. And you are also what Frequencies you are surrounded by (Either good or bad). Along with the Frequencies you put out with your own voice and thoughts (prayer). Brings new meaning to the verse ‘Out of your inner most being shall flow Rivers of Living Water’ does it not?


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Drinking plenty of pure water (not tap water) and getting enough Colloidal Minerals will help the Holographic Technology work even better. Diet will always be the key to good health. There are also ways to charge your water before you drink it. There are expensive ionizers out there, but here is the simplest solution. Prill Beads.

Some Christians may think this all sounds a little New Agey. th.jpgdghRemember Jesus now has a spiritual/light body. Could you almost say it is Holographic? The founder/scientist is a Christian. He has been blessed with this understanding and wisdom for a hurting world. Others may think that God will protect them from EMF’s or why not just use prayer alone? That may be true to a degree. But if you have the faith to have God protect you from your cell phone, then you should have the faith to live without your cell phone. Our actions have consequences. You can’t eat whatever you want can you? Use common sense and yes indeed, use prayer. Put out Positive Frequencies of your own.



These videos were not produced by Body Align, but are still very interesting.

A lot of other EMF Pendants and Products work for the Strength test and will protect you to that degree. But the true test is the BDORT (Bi Digital O Ring Test). This is a finer tuned measurement of your bodies electrical impulses. If you already have some kind of protection, try this test, and see how we well you do? There is some truly amazing stuff on this video. How remarkably well your body is able to sense electrical disturbances and detect disease. No need for a lot of our high tech medicine.